Hunting Fees

The following is applicable to all hunts regardless of species hunted.


Guide fee –  $150.00 per day, except bow hunters, which includes transportation on the ranch, assistance in animal recovery (not included is additional fee if blood dog is necessary to recover), field dressing, hanging in Ranch cooler for up to 48 hours and transportation of the animal to Kerrville location of hunter’s choice. Bow hunters guide fee is $175.00 per day and if the guide(s) must track over 2 hours then there is a $25.00 per hour fee. Guide fee is in addition to the animal fees quoted above, and payable upon arrival at Ranch for hunt. A guide is required for any hunt. All hunts are guided one to one.


Transportation, lodging and meals – We have two guesthouses available on the ranch and can accommodate up to 12 people, the fee for lodging is $45.00 per person per day.  The nearest commercial airport is in San Antonio – appx. 1 ½ hr drive. The nearest private airport is in Kerrville appx. 45 min.’s by car. Hunter is responsible for arriving at the Ranch headquarters at the appointed time on the appointed day for his/her hunt. We provide lunch, but hunter is on their own for any other meals.


Deposit for exotics  Exotic hunts require a nonrefundable deposit of  10% of the animal cost or $300.00 which ever is the highest (deposit applicable to animal fee or guide fee) in order to hold animal and date.


Skin and Quarter  Is not included in the guide fee. We will skin to back of head, pull backstraps and tenders, remove shoulders and hams.  If hunter  would like this service the price is as follows.

Small – Whitetail, Axis does, fallow does                                   $25.00

Medium – Axis bucks, Fallow bucks, Sika, rams                       $40.00

Large – Barasingha, Scimitar, Addax. Pere David                      $75.00

Extra large – Eland                                                                    $100.00


NO ANIMAL NO PAY – the prices above are if the hunter takes (animals wounded but not retrieved are considered “Taken”). Guide fee is due whether an animal is taken, missed, no shot taken, or no suitable animal seen. All hunts are “fair chase” therefore although the animals have been identified in the pastures there is no guarantee that the particular animal will be found on a particular day.


Number of hunters: So that complete attention can be given to each hunter the numbers of hunters per day is limited.


Hunting procedures regardless of animals hunted:

1.      Hunter assumes all responsibility and liability of his/her own action and those of any non-hunter accompanying them.

2.      Most of the hunts will be from rough blinds near game trails or feeding areas. Some hunts will be from a vehicle.

3.    Unless otherwise noted a Kyle Wildlife guide will be with hunter at all times.

4.      Special accommodations can be made for handicapped hunter.

5.      Hunter is responsible for making Kyle Ranch aware of any and all physical limitations in advance so that we may create a hunt to suit your needs and wants.

6.      Any animal that is, in the guide’s opinion, hit is considered “taken” and the animal’s price is due. Every reasonable effort will be made to recover the animal. If the guide deems it necessary to use the tracking dog to recover there is additional fee for the dog.

7.      Hunter will notify Ranch in advance of hunting method to be used (i.e. modern rifle (caliber), primitive firearm (caliber), pistol (caliber) or bow (type of bow). This is required so that the best locations can be determined for the type of firearm.

8.      Hunter may be asked to “sight in” at the Ranch range prior to going out into the field.

9.      It is suggested that the hunter bring no less than 20 rounds of ammunition with him/her on the hunt.

10.  Hunter will have all necessary licenses for animals to be taken. Texas hunting license is required for any whitetails. Hunter will be required to show license(s) to guide before being taken out for any hunt.

11.  No hunts are available on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve or New Years Day.

12.  Depending on type of hunt, 1 non-hunter may accompany hunter – ask for details about this.

13.  One weeks notice is required to schedule any hunt; exotic hunts will have preference in dates and times.

14.  Any hunter under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian.

15.  No alcohol is allowed in the field. If in the guides opinion a hunter or guest is intoxicated the hunt will end, and hunter/guest will leave the property immediately with no refund of any monies paid.

16.  Illegal Controlled Substances are not allowed at anytime or anywhere. If Kyle Ranch staff suspects a hunter/guest has such the hunt will end immediately and the person(s) will leave the ranch immediately with no refund of any monies paid.

17. Ranch must be notified 48 hours in advance of change in number(s) of hunters in a party.  If there is a reduction in the number and we are not notified 1 days’ guide fee per guide cancelled will be owed. If there is an increase in the number & the ranch is not notified the additional people/person may miss ½ – 1 day’s hunting dependent on availability of extra guide(s).



Personal checks will not be accepted in payment for animals or guide fees. Cash, Cashier check or money order, Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted with a 3% convenience charge. No American Express.